Raptor VR Review

Raptor VR PriceRaptorVR – The Future is Now!

Have you ever tried virtual reality? It’s amazing. From the comfort of your home, you can see what it looks like to stand at the top of Everest in a beautifully photographed with a completely 360 degree view. You can also watch Scream 2 while lying flat on your back with your eyes pointed at your ceiling. We’re not going to tell you what to do with a Raptor VR headset because the possibilities are practically limitless. We’re here to tell you about this new VR device that can work with any android or apple smartphone. In our Raptor VR review, we’ll tell you about some of the features, how to use it, and tell you about a way to get discounts. If you’d like to know more, keep reading! If you’re ready to order Raptor VR, click any of the links on this page to purchase it now!

VR has been popping up more and more recently. That’s because there are people out there doing incredible things with it. There is a huge and growing market for VR experiences. Movies, concerts, games, sports events, they’re all in VR! The Raptor Virtual Reality headset is your key (and your vehicle) to the incredible world of virtual reality. If you’re not even sure what VR is, click here to read a description of it. Whether you’re new to VR or a seasoned pro, have an iOS or android phone, this device could be the most entertaining one in your collection.

Raptor VR App

Raptor VR Family Fun

Imagine you’re at your family gathering. Let’s say you’re at your family’s annual Armistice Day celebration. You’ve all greeted each other and caught up on the events of the last year. Now what? Sure, you could release ten pet store ferrets into the wild like you do every Armistice Day, or you could try something different. With the Raptor VR app, you can pass the set around and watch your friends and family go on extreme VR experiences. Put it on grandpa and run the video where he’s sky-diving, then watch him FREAK OUT! Put it on your 7-year-old cousin and run the game where he has to make it out of a house without getting killed by a demented clown, then watch him stay up all night because he’s TERRIFIED! There are so many options for unique family fun! We highlighted some of the more cruel options, but there are certainly ones that the whole family will love, like that Everest one we mentioned earlier. That’s VR fun!

Raptor VR Features

  • Focal Adjuster Knob – To make sure you have the clearest picture possible
  • 8-Layer Lens – To ensure the best resolution
  • Headband – For maximum stability
  • Foam Cushion – For comfort

Raptor VR Entertainment

It happened again. Your date called and said they wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. Now you’re home and just… sad. PUT ON YOUR RAPTOR VR GEAR AND HUNT A DINOSAUR!!! THAT’S A REAL GAME THAT EXISTS! Say goodbye to boredom with this device. Or maybe not. Even if you want to keep being sad because your date called off (and you strongly suspect they won’t be contacting you again), that’s fine. Put on Raptor VR, fire up Netflix, lay on your back and watch The Fault in Our Stars while stuffing Funyons into your mouth. What you do with the headset on your time is your business.

Raptor VR Instructions

  1. Select a VR experience of your choice on your smartphone.
  2. Place your phone into the Raptor VR headset.
  3. Secure the headset on your head.
  4. Use the focusing knobs to adjust the picture for your eyesight.
  5. Enjoy your VR experience.

Raptor VR Games

Get Down! They’re shooting at us! If we don’t secure this sector by sixteen-hundred, the Lazarenes will control the galaxy within three krono units! You’re not going to let those aliens control the galaxy, are you? The only thing that stands between them and the total annihilation of Earth is you and your pulse rifle. Get to work soldier! Racing games, fighting games, fun family games like bowling, tennis, and golf, they’re all right there on your phone just waiting to be plugged into the Raptor VR system. All you have to do is start it up, plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

Raptor VR Apps

These apps can be used on this device:

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • HBO Now
  • The NFL App
  • CNN VR
  • Discovery VR
  • Bubblecars
  • Dive Launcher
  • Hand Gliding
  • Hoverboard Dive
  • Shadowgun VR
  • The Height

Raptor VR Price and Discounts

The base price (without discounts) for one of these devices is $89. If you order through the links on this page, you can get a Raptor VR headset for 25% off. If you order two, you get 30% off for a total cost of $124.60. Order three, and the manufacturer offers you 35% off for a total of $173.55. Four sets are 40% off at $213.60, and the best deal is to order five at 45% off for a total of $244.75. You can get one for the whole family!

Raptor VR Summary

With VR content exploding into popularity the way it has over the last few years, we can’t help but get excited about a product like this. Not only would you have access to all the VR experiences that are already on the market, there’s new content being put up every day. If you’re at all curious about the world of virtual reality, you may be surprised just how much interesting videos, concert experiences, and games you could find on it. To order the Raptor VR experience, click any of the links on this page, and they’ll take you right where you need to be! Have Fun!

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